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Creative kraft paper folding stretch sofa

Applicable occasions: family, villa, hotel, company. Any shape allows you to set. Can be opened when needed, and can be put away when not needed, saving space

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Original manufacturing stretch sofa living room kraft paper folding sofa living room sofa

size: h65  w12cm w53

stretch - length: 4-5m

use duration: 3-4m

Material: special kraft pad: felt / leather / cattail

side plate: bamboo - / leather

color: brown

Weight: 21kg

total weight: 24kg

Pack size: 73 * 58 * 30cm

Load capacity: over 2000kg

stretch ratio: 1: 5

Accessories: 6 pieces of pillows




  • CREATIVE FURNITURE: This fashion paper sofa is new furniture in the world. It can be used in living room, dining room, kitchen, office, cafe, company, gallery and exhibition and so on. You can use it for home decoration and entertaining business customers.
  • WATERPROOF: The paper stool is mainly made of waterproof kraft paper. When the water splashes on it, most of the water flows off, and a small part is adsorbed on the surface. Then you can use a cotton cloth to clean the surface and use the chair after drying. Do not throw the chair into the water as the glue dissolves in water.
  • CUSHIONS: The cushion is a leather upholstery made of PU leather, sponge and cardboard. The diameter is 30cm. Each seat receives 9 pillows. You should sit down with the pillow to reduce wrinkles. Each color of the chair is shown in the same color as the pillow.
  • STRONG STORAGE: The paper chair can withstand the weight due to the honeycomb structure. It is able to hold up to 300kg in each seat and use for up to 5 years, depending on the usage environment and frequency.









warranty time : 10 years .pls do not use it in wet places , keep it dry 

cause the cost is really high , for the return policy , if quality problem , we will not burden the return shipping , , if quality problem , we will take the responsibility ,if destroy in transimmit , we will refund depend on the case, pls contact us first if any problem , we are much appreciated . thanks for your love


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