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Flying electric surfboard water sports

Surf paddle board SUP electric surf board surf board wing surf surfing windsurfing water sports

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Fly on the water? This electric surfboard can do it!


As environmental protection and energy saving have become important global issues, more and more electric vehicles have emerged, such as electric vehicles, electric buses, electric skateboards and balance cars. However, there is no news about electric surfboards. Now it has been used by people

The starting point is basically the same as that of a normal surfboard. First lie on the board and then stand up slowly.
The appearance is clean and neat, with full sense of lines. The board surface adopts advanced carbon fiber structure. The aluminum foil on the surface maintains a smooth and cool feel while enhancing stability. The edges can be DIY carved to create your own different surfboard.


The flying surfboard uses lithium battery technology with a maximum speed of 40km/h and can last for one hour. Once launched, it has been loved by many surfing extreme sports players.



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