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Household automatic dishwasher

220v 950W household automatic dishwasher smart small desktop dishwasher

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Product parameters

Power (W): 950W Voltage (V): 220V Inner Material: food grade PP+ABS Installation Type: Free Standing Stacking Limit: 1 Layer Spray Arm: Lower Tableware sets: 4 sets Max. Washing Time:120min Type: Countertop Product Name: Desktop multi-function installation-free dishwasher machine Product weight: 12.6KG Single water consumption: 5L Product size: 378*412*422mm


The washing process is divided into three times.

The first is bubble washing: Wash fat and protein stains at 45-60 ° C water temperature to remove large stains Then rinse: 65 ° C water temperature makes starch gelatinization easy to rinse, remove fine residue Finally, disinfection wash 70 ° C water temperature pasteurization, sterilization rate of 97% or more After the washing, the hot air circulation will be automatically driing dishes. If you do not need to drying, press the shutdown After drying, it will automatically enter the drying and anti-odor function. When the anti-odor function is running, the drying bowl indicator will light up, and the maximum running time is 3 days.




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