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Human sports adventure ball

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water walking zorb ball



1. The inflatable water walking ball does not need sharp objects on the court.
2. It is strictly forbidden to carry keys, mobile phones, glasses and accessories that are sharp.
3. Before the seal is intact, check the usage of the product and firmly hold the handle strap.
4. Children should nurture their parents when they play.
5. People with heart disease, high blood pressure and weak institutions are best not to play.


water walking zorb ball1

main products:
Residential and commercial inflatable devices, including:

Water walking zorb ball, inflatable zorb toy sports football game, factory price, inflatable water walking zorb pool ball, they are very durable because they are made of strong materials and professional art. Please make sure to use it correctly. Welcome to comment and quality of our products. Make children happy and interesting.


water walking zorb ball2

water walking zorb ball3water walking zorb ball4

hamster relay a

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