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Professional silent pet drying box-220v dryer

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The details are intimate and safe. The stainless steel metal handle is original and durable. It is not rusty. The tempered glass panel is surrounded by light to make pets feel more at ease. Water droplets penetrate cleaner and dry hair more efficiently.
* Intelligent temperature control system, touch the keys to avoid water leakage and leakage, you can view the temperature in the box in real-time, set the appropriate temperature and time according to the needs, and provide more visual prompts
* Environmental protection and electricity saving 0.25 degrees electricity can be dried, high-efficiency heating "love" uniformly transmitted temperature drying pet body temperature 38 degrees, it is recommended to control the temperature at 35-45 degrees constant temperature
* Large space design, giving cats full stretch space, large internal space, tempered glass door panels, pets have no worries in the box
* Release your hands, watch pets all around with confidence, do n't worry about pets drying anymore ~

Silent fan, silent drying to avoid pet panic, multi-event design, double drying efficiency
Chip control, temperature control technology for precise temperature control
Surrounding the stereo wind, the all-around stereo wind lets the warm wind blow through every corner of the oven
Number of motors: 3
Timing range: 1 ~ 99min
Heater power: 2000W
Rated voltage: 220v / 110v
Rated power: 2000W
Single fan power: 90W
Temperature control range: 20-45 ° C.
Fuse specification: 250V / 6A
Size: 50 * 50 * 55cm
Weight: 5kg


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