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The most exciting water flight pedal

Equipment suitable for activities in various waters, will definitely make you feel excited

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The most exciting water entertainment project in 2020, ask your friends to play together

1.Size: (L)300x(W)260x(T)270mm

2. Net weight: (about) 28kgs

3. Maximum number of bearers: 2 people

4. Maximum load: 120kgs

5. Hose material: pressure and abrasion resistance, hose size: 20M (length) x110mm (diameter)

6. Hose thickness: 2mm 18. The highest flying height: 8 meters 19. The fastest flying speed: 40km/h

7. The throttle can be opened for up to 2 hours 21. Continuous high-speed flight up to 3 hours

1.The main body of the aircraft

2. One rotary joint plus O-ring (connected to the main body of the aircraft)

3. High pressure explosion-proof diameter 110MM, a length of 20 meters soft water belt

4. A total of 2 aluminum joints (flange heads) at both ends of the soft water belt

5. Soft water with joint lamp 316 stainless steel hoop 2 * 2, a total of 4 (chuck 110-120MM)

6. A soft water belt and a 316 stainless steel hook (for motorboat bow)















7. A high-pressure explosion-proof multi-layer process U-shaped hose

8. Two aluminum joints (flange heads) at both ends of the "U"-shaped hose

9. "U"-shaped hose end joint fixing hoop 2 * 2 total 4 (120-130MM)

10 "U" type hose anti-expansion fixing band 1

11. Aluminum fittings, heavy stainless steel clamps, 2 large and 1 small, 3 pairs

12. 3 heavy-duty stainless steel hoops for aluminum fittings

13. Motorboat interface and 1 O-ring (flare) (Sido or Yamaha, among which Yamaha and Kawasaki motorboats are common)

14. A set of matching wrenches (5MM and 6MM Allen wrenches each)

15. 1 pair of imported water ski shoes

16. Standard export wooden box packaging



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